One Woman Show

From behind the scenes

Sometimes the thing called life just happens and there is not much one can do about it. It is with sadness that I have to tell you that Irina will not be joining me due to some unforeseen circumstances on this expedition. I however decided that we both put too much effort into this to stop now and therefore this expedition will now be a One-Woman-Show Expedition. I have also decided that in order to show you as much variety from Africa as possible I will travel first up through the Eastern Coast and only after reaching Kenya I will then make my way to the West Coast and continue there. The plan is still to show you various interesting people, projects and activities that may represent this vibrant and ever-growing continent via my blog, social media and through my experience. 

The journey will start next weekend from Cape Town. I will attempt to hitch-hike along the coast towards Durban in South Africa and after I will make my way up to either Botswana or Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, couple of weeks ago my camera broke and so I was unable to introduce you to this beautiful city where I am right now. I hope, that there will be plenty of other cities that will show you, that Africa has always something new and interesting to offer!

I am doing my best to pack all my things into a small backpack and not to carry with more than 12kg. Let's see how successful I will be! 

Preparing for the big journey ahead of us

Our first offline presentation of The Unexpected Expedition at my former high school in Haigerloch, Germany

Last week I visited my high school after almost ten years. I was excited to meet my dedicated former German teacher Mrs. Gotthardt, who enthusiastically waved at me and my sister even from a distance. We remembered the good old school days while looking at a picture of my class-mates and me as tenth-graders. After this journey through time the room filled with over 160 students from class 9 to 12. With pictures and the newly released animation of our South African team member Reshma the students got to know our project The Unexpected Expedition. I was impressed that after 30 minutes of presentation, some students even came up with the idea to organize a project day at school to carry the information of the Unexpected Expedition to more class rooms and to ignite further school engagement. I will keep you posted what exactly the students of my former high school in Haigerloch come up with. Having the plan to cooperate with more schools in Europe, let's hope that we will meet more interested and active young people.


For the German speakers: check out the following newspaper article