The Unexpected Expedition


One Girl, Two Continents and Too many stereotypes. Let’s break them together!


The Unexpected Expedition is project that aims at showing different, more up-to-date and mainly more positive side of Africa: its people, cultures, music, businesses, fashion, growth and other often overlooked topics. I (Ala) will travel overland from Cape Town, the city at the far end of African continent to Europe and while doing so I will be talking, meeting but mainly listening to what people here want to share with you. 


The project is an adventure

An adventure for all those who wish to join me on the expedition.


It is an expedition

An expedition into people’s minds and expectations.


It is a journey

A journey of self-discovery and bringing light to biases.

It is an ice-breaker

An ice-breaker of our stereotypical views on Africa.


It is an arch

An arch bridging the gap between the Western mindsets and Western Africa.


It is a tribute

A tribute to all of the small, unknown countries and its people.


It is all about sharing

Sharing stories, laughs, hugs, seats in the car, food and knowledge.

Sharing is caring

It is all about sharing

Because sharing is caring.


Alena in her natural habitat.

Alena alias Ala, Born Czech, brought up by my parents but educated by life. In few words I am: 101% Optimist, Chocolate and travel addict, Freedom fighter, Dream follower, Green Tea Lover, Hitchhiker, Spontaneous, Environmentalist and Full of energy. I have spent the last 6+ years wandering around the world continents - working, traveling, studying, building libraries, hitchhiking but mainly learning about myself and life through people’s stories. What I learnt is that we cannot generalize. Everyone is an original and beautiful human being with a different life story. And I would like to hear and learn from as many such stories as possible.


Because - why not?

I love meeting people and I do not like ignorance. I admit that I am not ‘expert on Africa’ but I spent over 3 years living, studying, volunteering and traveling in 11 different countries on this continent and I know one thing - there is no point talking about ‘Africa’, the differences among and even within the countries are enormous. In other words, could you compare Kosovo to Norway?

Often times people refer to Africa as one big country. When picturing Africa they mainly come up with poverty. I want to show that Africa is about more than just malaria, poverty, wars and lions.